Welcome to Union!

Why 3DXUnion?

Our server has many features!
Friendly Team

The friendly team of the Union is always happy to help newcomers to learn and is welcoming to everyone, without exception.

Reasonable Moderation

Our server does not burden you with heaps of laws and regulations that you need to know by heart. Our communication is based on mutual respect.

Great Support

The server has a responsible administration and those. support to help resolve your problems and disputes in the game.

Active Development

The server is supported by talented developers who make sure that the Union client runs smoothly and has the latest updates.

What is 3DXUnion?

3DXUnion is a multiplayer online sex game based on communication with other players, as well as sexual interaction with them. Our game is completely free. Join our friendly community and become a resident of our server. In the server locations you will meet new friends, soul mate, and maybe even create a family. If you want to diversify your life, realize your most hidden fantasies, join our project and communicate with a variety of people in one place. You can just enjoy chatting on our dance floors with real DJs, have sex with random partners. There are no restrictions and everything is possible!


Remember that there are people around you too, behave yourself, do not undress in public, do not have sex in public, do not insult each other and be mutually polite.


A variety of music plays at the locations and everyone can choose their favorite radio station. There are DJs in the clubs who will play your favorite tracks.


If you are looking for virtual sex with a real partner, then our server will come for you. Meet people in the Union, flirt, communicate, and  then the night will be hot!


The game contains erotic content, so the game is intended only for people over the age of 18. By installing the game, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old.

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